Course Details

S.No Name of Course Department Seats Duration (In hrs.) Course fee in Rs. Link
 1 Certificate course in Android Apps Development Computer Application 20 120 hrs. 7500/-
 2 Certificate Course in Mushroom Cultivation Botany 40 204 hrs. 3000/-
 3 Certificate Course in Herbal Gardening and Organic Farming Botany 40 204 hrs. 3000/-
 4 Certificate Course in Biofertilizer Production Technology Botany 25 80 hrs. 5000/-
 5 Certificate Course in Water Literacy Chemistry 30 75 hrs. 6000/-
 6 Certificate Course in Vermiculturing and Vermicomposting of Biowaste  Zoology 40 100 hrs. 2000/-
 7 Certificate course in Bee Keeping Zoology 25 90 hrs. 3000/-
 8 Certificate Course in Geospatial techniques and GIS Geography 20 90 hrs. 8500/-
 9 Certificate Course in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action Political Science 30 80 hrs. 3000/-
 10 Certificate Course in Spoken English and Personality Development English 50 48 hrs. 2000/-
 11 Certificate Course in PersonalityDevelopment and Stress Management Psychology 40 80 hrs. 3000/-
 12 Certificate Course in Banking, Finance and Insurance (CPBFI) in collaboration with Bajaj Finserv Commerce 50 96 hrs. 1000/-
 13 Certificate Course in Solar Power Installation, Operations and Maintenance Physics 20 100 hrs. 9000/-

Details of Special Courses

S.NoName of CourseDepartmentSeatsDuration (In hrs.)Course fee in Rs.Link
 1Crash Course for CSIR-UGC NET in Life ScienceBotany1003 Months5000/-
 2GS Foundation Course for Civil ServicesCentre for Vocational Studies & Skill Development100300 hrs.3000/-


1. Any above course will be started only when minimum 75% of the number of seats given is admitted otherwise that course will not be started, in this case the fees deposited by the students will be fully refunded.

2. Keeping in mind the requirements of any course, 10% of the classes may also be conducted in online mode.